Fireplace Mantel

A fireplace mantel defines a fireplace as much as the actual firebox does. Even though mantels were originally designed to keep the fireplace smoke from blowing into the room, they have became more and more decorative as the fireplace became the center of pre-television homes.

Many different materials can be used to created mantels. Marble, granite and limestone can be used for high-end fireplaces, while fine woods such as oak, cherry or walnut may also be used. However, modern versions may be constructed for much more affordable prices out of chipboard and cast rock, which is molded cement.

Mantels in palaces have been elaborately carved, and some designers have carved statues and reliefs into them. Other designers use them as backdrops for portraits, and still others keep the mantel plain, and instead prefer to use the mantel shelf to hold decorative bric-a-brac. Even though the fireplace has been displaced by television and entertainment centers, the mantel still serves as the focus of the architecture in the room. The onset of gas and electric fireplaces has allowed nearly any material to be used without fear of being a fire hazard.

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