Corner Fireplace

Corner fireplaces are a recent innovation in fireplace design. It consists of a firebox and mantel installed at an angle, instead of embedded in the wall. A corner fireplace is used by interior designers when the home has limited space, or simply to give a distinctive look to a room. It is capable of sustaining a wood fire, however due to the difficulty of installing a chimney in a room’s corner, alternate fuel supplies are preferred.

Corner-style fireplaces that operate on electricity are extremely convenient. The firebox is shaped to fit in the corner, without the hassle of ensuring that logs or natural gas pipes will be able to fit. In addition, an electric corner-style fireplace can easily be made into a traditional side wall fireplace without the hassle of remodeling. One of the biggest selections to make when installing a corner fireplace is the selection of mantels. Traditional corner mantels simply rest at a 45 degree angle to the corner. Bay mantels consist of two short glass panes, with a longer center pane connecting them. They jut out into the rest of the room, but provide an elegant upscale look to these models. A peninsula mantel is also a common theme for corner-style fireplaces. It is the opposite of a bay mantel, consisting of two long panes of glass that are connected by one short pane. Any of the options are attractive.

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